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Qupil - Management software for instrumental teachers

Management of pupil data

Lesson documentation

Assistance with lesson preparation

Planning concerts

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User reviews

Michael Schrant
Drums teacher, Haselünne
"Qupil makes it extremely easy for me to keep track of my entire timetable, the individual students, and their respective lesson content. The setup and handling is very concise and intuitive, and it has nice internal additional features like the metronome. I do not want to miss this program in my class."

Wanja Brinkmann
Violin teacher, Lingen
"Thanks to Qupil, the previous chaos of paper notes finally comes to an end. Lesson preparation, concert planning, literature selection and more now everything at a glance. I never forget which student just needs new notes, strings or an instrument, because I can look it up anytime, anywhere. This also benefits the quality of my teaching."

Catherine Böing
Piano teacher, Münster
"Qupil is so clearly structured that all functions are self-explanatory when trying out. Thanks to the practical music library tool, I created an inventory catalogue of my entire teaching literature in a flash. Now I always know which student I borrowed my sheet music. If I need to look something up, I immediately have the comprehensive history of each student ready at hand. Yet, during the lessons, I still prefer paper notes. No problem at all: conveniently integrated in the program, many overviews can be created and printed in PDF format. For example, the "daily schedule" containing the last notes for each individual student as well as a blanc spot for new notes."

Rolf Mäusbacher
Guitar teacher, Meppen
"Since using Qupil, it has become easier to keep order in lesson planning. All lesson contents of a student, whether from the last 4 weeks or from the last years, are instantly available in a structured manner and can be understood at a glance. In addition a user-friendly program interface, which allows a quick input "by the way". A great relief for lesson planning and documentation!"